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A Little About Us

Kennel Club USA is a family-owned business located in Columbus. We are the ultimate one-stop destination for all things furry! We love your pets and treat them like family with all of the comfort of home when they’re with us. We offer a variety of incredible services for you and your pet and an amazing, spacious facility with plenty of room to explore. 

Our entire facility (10,000 sq.ft.) is sanitized and disinfected daily with veterinary-grade products to kill bacteria and maintain a safe and sterile environment. Water and food bowls are changed and sanitized daily. We offer private training, group training, dog boarding, doggie daycare and grooming. 

Our mission is to help owners build healthy, everlasting bonds with their dog. In short — we do it all so that you can feel at ease knowing your dog is in the best possible care!

Care Your Pets Rate “Two Paws Up”!

Trusting others with your dog is no small thing, and we honor the trust you place in us when you allow us to provide unmatched dog care in the best possible setting with all the comfort of home. Our staff is committed to providing your dog with an amazing experience. Our hope is that anytime you and your dog arrive, they come in with their tail wagging, knowing a good time and lots of adventure is on the way! We make boarding fun and hope to alleviate any concern you may feel about using dog boarding while away. Our facility in the Columbus area is rated “two paws up!”

Dog Daycare — Adventure Awaits!

We offer daycare for your dog for busy days away from home. Perfect for times you don’t need boarding but need a place your dog can spend the day while you’re away tackling projects, working, or taking a quick day trip. Daycare is a fantastic opportunity for your dog to socialize in a group setting, supervised by our trained and experienced staff. 

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Groups are selected based on size and temperament. When in daycare, your dog will get to enjoy acres of fully enclosed rolling, green fields, a sprawling complex that includes an acre pond for play when the sun is shining, and an area outdoors that is large, secured, paved, and roofed so that your dog may play outdoors rain or shine! 

We know that your dog may not enjoy the company of others. We created the Out Alone daycare program to accommodate those under-socialized or senior dogs that require a one-on-one approach, without the anxiety of being in a group setting.

Our Services:

Two dogs enjoying their play time at Kennel Club USA boarding

Dog Boarding

We make dog boarding a great experience! While you’re on vacation or away from home, we treat your pet like they’re on vacation, too! We take long walks three times a day and make boarding fun! There is lots of opportunity for play at our lush, green oasis — including a pond that spans almost an acre right here in Columbus, Ohio!

Dogs being trained

Dog Training

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? We offer a variety of packages and services to help you address you and your four-legged friend’s needs as well as a temperament test to better understand their behavior. Whether you’re looking to improve your dog’s behavior, developing care dog skills, or teaching a young pup the basics, we’ve got you covered.

Super excited dog with his puppy friends

Doggie Daycare

Your pup will have a tail-wagging good time at our fun and furry doggie daycare! Whether your pup prefers to play in an indoor area or outdoors, or whether they prefer to spend time solo or run and play with the pack, there is a daycare option for you and we are happy to accommodate.

Adorable puppy getting a trim

Dog Grooming

Pamper your pup with a little spa day! We take our time giving your pet the TLC grooming they deserve. We make grooming a stress-free experience, and use all natural products. We’re happy to keep an eye on your pet after they’re done grooming until you’re ready to pick them up!
Cute puppy in training

Puppy Training

You found a new, sweet, loveable puppy to bring home and make part of the family. Give yourself and your dog the gift of proper training that will last a lifetime. Our puppy training program is the perfect group setting for both you and your dog to learn new tricks, develop training, and make new friends with other dogs (and humans too!) They will learn manners, obedience, and how to accept handling (which will also help with smoother, stress-free grooms!)
Happy cat boarding

Cat Boarding

We love cats, too! We offer cat boarding for our feline friends. Kitty condominiums make your pet feel like they’re on vacay, too! We offer 1 hour of playtime and engaging activities to keep your pet happy and having a blast!

Meet Our Columbus Team & Take a Tour!

Our dogs are our family. We know it’s difficult to be away from your pet, and we value the trust you give us when you let us care for them. We are a family-owned business in Ohio, and all of our employees and guests are an extension of that family. When your pet is with us, we want them to feel at home. Schedule a tour at our Columbus location and meet our talented team of amazing, empathetic, dog-loving individuals dedicated to making your pet’s experience the absolute best.

Meet the team
  • Emily Foor
  • Olivia Foster
Kennel Club USA est. 2006

Reviews / Testimonials:

Frankie and Claude get excited when I start getting their bags ready for boarding and “doggy day care”. We love that Kennel Club USA in Columbus has daycare packages and services that align with the individual needs of both our dogs. Claude is very happy going out with all the other doggies and Frankie seems to love his individual human time playing with balls (his favorite thing in the whole world). It was a huge relief to learn that we had dog boarding options! Thanks, Kennel Club!
— Mary
I love everything about Kennel Club USA. This is a top notch facility for Columbus residents with a wonderful staff who does an exceptional job taking care of my fur babies. While it's hard being separated from them, I know they are being well cared for and enjoy spending playtime with other fur babies. Additionally, they have a wonderful training program. Since 2018, I have had three of my Golden Retrievers go through their Board and Train program, including puppy training for one of them. Plus, I continue to purchase training packages as the need arises. I highly recommend you check them out. Jon and Theresa are the best ... I wouldn't take my fur babies anywhere else.
— Cinda
Kennel Club USA has awesome doggie daycare, training, grooming, and boarding staff! During spring break while they were fully booked for boarding, I went into labor early. They were able to get our dog boarded for the hospital stay at the last minute! We also loved the Valentine’s Day party for pups this year too! Thank you so much for caring for our furry friend!
— Michelle


Should you put your dogs in kennels?

Deciding whether or not to board your dog in dog kennels is a personal choice, but we hope we can make it an easy one that you feel good about. First and foremost, we strive to provide your dog with all of the safety, attention, love and joy that they feel at home. We are proud to offer a space that is truly meant for dogs to live their best lives, and we take pride in the level of care and comfort we provide for your animals.

Are dogs happy in boarding kennels?

Each dog is unique, and at our location in Columbus, we know and understand that. We do everything we can to ensure your dog is happy, cared for, and given a personalized experience fitting to their needs and personality. We understand that some dogs love to socialize and play with others, while others may prefer one-on-one play, and we adjust accordingly to keep your pup feeling good.

How do I prepare my dog for boarding?

Your dog will spend time with other dogs when boarding, so a trip to the vet prior to your dog's stay to make sure that all vaccinations are up to date as well as checking for fleas, ticks and worms is a great first step to take. To give your pup some of the comfort of home, bring a familiar toy or favorite blanket to ensure your dog has the best stay. It may also be helpful to do a trial boarding, a day of Doggie Day Camp or consider grooming your pet at our facility, so they become familiar and comfortable with the space.

Will my dog be OK if I leave him for a week?

Asking yourself this question means that you are so good to your pet. Dogs are very resilient and adaptable. Of course your dog will miss you (and we know you’ll miss them too)! However, in boarding your dog with us, you are ensuring that your dog gets an expert level of trustworthy pet care, and is surrounded by furry (and human) friends excited for plenty of play.

Two happy dogs on the play field
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