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Founder & C.E.O.

Mark spent his career in the fashion industry working in the United States and Europe. During that time his family had “show dogs”. When it came time to travel, the family was never satisfied with the Pet Boarding options available. Given Mark’s entrepreneurial and creative spirit, an idea began to form for creating the ultimate Pet Care facility. In 2006, “Kennel Club USA” was opened. Since its inception “Kennel Club USA” has been dedicated to setting the standard for the best pet care and customer service available.


Mark started working for Kennel Club USA when his family built the facility and opened the business in 2006. Since he was a child, he always had a strong love for animals. Growing up his family always had dogs however, he is now a proud cat dad to Doug, Balthazar and Carrot. After completing his degree in Business, he has since taken over the daily operations of Kennel Club USA. His mission is to cultivate the best team for the overall care of the business and retain them by creating a wonderful work environment, and, in turn offer the best customer service in the industry.

Director of Training

Jon began training at Kennel Club USA over a decade ago, overseeing all training programs. He began his career as a dog groomer and after several years decided to go to school and get certified as a professional dog trainer. Shortly after, he joined the team here at Kennel Club USA. Outside of work his interests include art, fishing, and the outdoors. His dog Arlo accompanies him to work most days and can often be seen helping in lessons with clients’ dogs.


Growing up I’ve always loved caring for animals, whether that be having my own or rescuing others. When I started my job at Kennel Club USA I was thrilled to start working with animals--little did I know this would become my passion. I started out working reception and 5 years later transitioned to being the general manager. Along the way I have made life long relationships with clients, coworkers, and pets and look forward to building new ones.


Theresa was initially inspired to be a dog trainer by her grandparents and their well trained Golden Retriever, Luke and a husky mix named Snowball. When Theresa's family adopted Luke and Snowball they had fear agression issues;these behaviors took her family years to get under control. After their journey of training their pets, Theresa wanted to learn how to train dogs to be as well behaved as Luke and Snowball. She has a Psychology degree from Ohio State University and a minor in Human and Animal Interactions. She started an apprenticeship with Jon in May 2021 and is now a full-time trainer at KCUSA.


Growing up, my family has always had at least four dogs running around our house at a time. I have always been the girl that walks into someone’s house and goes straight for the animals to greet them first. About four years ago, I started working the front desk in a grooming shop as a second job having no idea that I would fall in love with everything about it. I am now three years into grooming full-time and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. Being able to build trusting relationships with not only my doggy clients, but their parents as well, is my favorite part!


I love grooming dogs because it’s the perfect combination of creativity and my love for animals. It’s also a rewarding job; I love making dogs feel and look their best, and most importantly I love seeing the reactions of the pets’ parents when they pick up!

Head Receptionist

Aimee is currently our head receptionist at Kennel Club USA and has been apart of our team for one year now! She goes above and beyond making sure everything operates properly at the reception area, she keeps us all organized, and she ensures each client has an excellent experience at our facility. Let’s not forget, she also gives all of the pups love and affection when their dropped off in the mornings! When Aimee is not at the kennel, she is spending time with her own wonderful family and pups!

Kennel Supervisor

"I've always loved having animals, but once I got my own dog, Lilo, in 2019 my love for them grew even more. At the age of 13, I was gifted my very first camera; I quickly fell in love with capturing special moments of my dog, and others' pets. When I started at Kennel Club USA I was thrilled to have the opportunity to share my photography skills with others. Not only do I love taking pictures of the dogs there, but I love seeing now happy it makes the owners. I have been with KCUSA for a little over a year now working reception, and occasionally helping with Kennel Technician duties. Since working at the desk, it has allowed me to build life long relationships and friendships with our clients and their pets. I look forward to meeting you and your pup!"

Day Camp Manager

"As a child, I've always had a strong connection with animals, especially dogs. Throughout the years I've had various jobs, but my passion for caring for animals began in 2015. I worked on a farm caring for horses. This type of worked made me realize how much I enjoyed working with animals. When I discovered Kennel Club USA was looking for help, I seized the opportunity. Working with, and caring for dogs isn't just a job for me, it's a passion. Going to work every day truly brings me happiness; the relationships I have with the dogs here I will cherish forever. I have found my purpose and I'm truly grateful to be a part of the team."

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