Kennel Club USA Careers

We are a dedicated team of animal professionals

  • I love connecting with the dogs and being able to provide a safe environment for them to be themselves and have fun. 

    — James Sapp
  • I enjoy seeing the satisfaction of our clients, and the joy all of the dogs get from coming to our facility.

    — Aimee Shaub
  • I love working at Kennel Club USA because over the years I have built lasting relationships with our clients and dogs. 

    — Adoura Goodin
  • Kennel Club USA has been the most enjoyable job; the environment here is very positive and I’ve made lifelong friendships with my coworkers and the clients. Plus, who wouldn’t want to give love to pups all day! 

    — Haley Keyser
  • I love working at Kennel Club USA, because I love working with people and dogs! 

    — Jon Brinkley
  • Kennel Club USA is a great place to work! I enjoy being able to bond with my team members, build relationships with the dogs, and create endless memories! 

    — Julia Sapp
  • I love bonding with the dogs and getting to know their quirky personalities! 

    — Sammi Hull
  • I love working at Kennel Club USA because I love that I get to make dogs look and feel their best. 

    — Kalyn Liston
In 2006, Kennel Club USA opened its doors to pet owners in Columbus, Ohio, fulfilling the vision of its founder, Mark A. Jeremias. Mark, who was deeply passionate about the well-being of animals, wanted to create a facility where dogs and cats could receive top-notch care and enjoy a peaceful environment. His dream was to establish a place far removed from the hustle and bustle of the city, a serene haven where pets could be groomed, trained, exercised, and boarded without stress or anxiety. From the very beginning, Kennel Club USA aimed to provide a luxury pet boarding experience that exceeded the expectations of its clients.

Our Products and Services

Kennel Club USA's primary focus has always been on the well-being and comfort of pets. Over the years, the business has expanded its offerings to include a range of services:
Dog and Cat Boarding
Kennel Club USA provides spacious, comfortable accommodations for both dogs and cats, ensuring they have a home-away-from-home experience during their stay.
The facility offers professional grooming services to keep pets looking and feeling their best. This includes bathing, haircuts, and other pampering treatments.
Dog Training
Kennel Club USA recognizes the importance of well-behaved pets, offering dog training services to help dogs and their owners build strong, positive relationships.
Doggy Daycare
For pet owners with busy schedules, Kennel Club USA provides a safe and engaging environment where dogs can socialize and play during the day.

Benefits offered for KCUSA employees:

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Life
  • Disability
  • Voluntary
    • Accident
    • Critical
    • Hospital
    • Law Legal
  • PTO

Dog Groomer

The Dog Groomer will be responsible for providing grooming and bath services for a variety of dog breeds.

Daycare Manager

The Daycare Manager will be responsible for creating an atmosphere of collaboration and support for staff, clients, and pets that attend the facility.

Daycare Supervisor

The Daycare Supervisor will be responsible for creating an atmosphere of collaboration and support for staff, clients, and pets that attend the facility.

Kennel Supervisor

A Kennel Supervisor manages the day-to-day operations of a kennel, overseeing the care and well-being of animals, supervising staff, and ensuring the facility meets all health and safety standards. They play a crucial role in, training employees, and maintaining a clean, safe environment for both animals and staff.

Kennel Manager

A Kennel Manager is responsible for overseeing the overall operations of an animal kennel, including the care and welfare of the animals, managing staff, scheduling, and maintaining facilities. They ensure the establishment adheres to all animal care regulations and standards, while also handling customer inquiries and fostering a positive environment for animals and employees alike.

Shift Supervisor

The Shift Supervisor will be responsible for the supervision of staff, oversee daycare dogs and ensure the dogs and cats are kept in their kennels the facility is cared for properly.

Office Manager

The Office Manager will be responsible for overseeing the daily operations of the office.


The Receptionist will be responsible for performing clerical tasks within an office setting.

Dog Trainer

The Dog Trainer will be responsible for managing the instruction for a variety of dog breeds; to modify unwanted behaviors and train dogs to follow specific commands.

Kennel Technician

The Kennel Technician will be responsible for the overall care of all dogs and cats housed within the facility.

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