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Getting a puppy is SO exciting! Creating space for a new member of the family is incredibly rewarding, and such a special experience for both you and your new pet. Good behavior habits start early, so we created our Puppy Academy program to help train puppies and aid both first time or experienced pet owners on their new dog training adventure. We offer not only an excellent training program located in Columbus, Ohio, but a wide variety of services from boarding, grooming, doggy daycare. We also offer extended training opportunities for those looking to learn a bit longer or go beyond the basics. We promise you’ll pick a happy, tired, well-trained puppy up from school! Learn more about our puppy training program below.

There are three levels of skill sets that can be covered as your puppy progresses. We’ve outlined what each level covers in a handy chart below.
Training conceptsLevel 1Level 2Level 3
Impulse controlXXX
Basic LookXXX
Name RecognitionXXX
Leash PressureXXX
Long line walkingXXX
Body BoundariesXXX
Bite InhibitionXXX
Sit and down w/lureXXX
Wait (food/water/doors)XXX
Recall/Here (standard leash)XXX
Dog SocializationXXX
Human SocializationXXX
Wall work (heel foundation)XXX
Out/drop foundationXXX
Recall on long line (here)XX
Loose leash walkingXX
Leash BoundariesXX
Sit and down with CueXX
Recall with DistractionsX
Formal heelX
Sit and down on verbalX
Heel and distraction workX
General distractionsX
Increased Distance and durationX

Additional Training Classes & Learning Opportunities:

If you and your dog trainers feel that your puppy may benefit from additional dog training opportunities after attending our preschool program, we offer a variety of additional training resources for adult dogs. Learn more about our incredible training services below or visit our dog training page for more details and pricing for each program here.

Board & Train

This option is perfect for a puppy who has completed Puppy Academy training and would benefit from deeper work on their behavior! Our board & train program is a great opportunity for your dog to have a fully immersive learning experience with our dog trainers while away from home. Your dog is focused on honing in their training and obedience in a shorter period of time.

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Private Training Lessons

If you finish Puppy Academy training and are in need of  personalized support for you and your dog, our 1-on-1 sessions with one of our friendly dog trainers might be just what you need! Private lessons are primarily offered at our facility, but if you’re unable to meet in person we do offer virtual lessons as well. In some cases we also offer private lessons in the comfort of your home at an increased cost. These personalized trainings are tailored to fit you and your puppy. Whatever your needs, there is a dog training program for you!

Group Gymnasium

If you enjoyed our Puppy Academy program and want to keep the learning (and the fun) going, this supplemental class provides increased distraction opportunities for those who would like to deepen their dog’s training in a playful group setting. If your puppy struggles with maintaining focus around other pups, people, toys, doorbells, or any number of other distractions, this workshop is for you.

Scent Detection & Tracking for Dogs


Want to take their training to the next level? In this program, our expert dog trainers will teach your puppy scent fundamentals and how to harness one of their most powerful tools- their nose! You and your pup will develop scent and tracking skills through a series of fun, problem-solving scenarios.

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Puppy Training FAQ


There are plenty of options you have going forward based on the level of training you would like. Your puppy can join our daycamp where they will continue to socialize with staff and other pups. If you’d like to continue the fun and ensure your puppy gets lots of playtime, this is a great option! See our additional training and learning opportunities above or visit our dog training page for more details and pricing for each program here.


Our dog training methods are adjusted to fit the specific needs of each individual puppy and owner. Our dog trainers are empathetic, understanding, and want to provide your puppy with personalized training that gives you the best result.


Yes. Consultations with one of our dog trainers are essential for us to assess how to best utilize your time and ours as well as better understand their behavior and what we should work to improve together. Having a consultation prior to a dog training session is key to a successful and effective training lesson for you and your puppy.


We accommodate all breeds, sizes, and ages. Your puppy must be current on all appropriate vaccinations for their age prior to any dog training.


It depends on the puppy and their owner. Staying committed to dog training will only help their results. How quickly we can train your puppy depends as much on you as it does on them! We may be able to teach your puppy basic commands and recall within a couple of weeks but if you aren't consistently reinforcing their behavior and skills, the skill may not last.

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Puptastic Training Reviews!

My puppy loves being boarded here and they have done an amazing job training her and helping her grow from a puppy to a dog.  Truly the best in Ohio! It’s a home away from home for our pup. When she was injured they called me immediately and let me know what was going on and what the plan was. I never feel nervous leaving her there.
— Madeleine
Jon’s traning has been great.  He’s patient with me and my puppy. He is a new dog with improved behavior after just 3 training sessions! Thor loves going here for daycamp too. He is excited when we get in the car to go. Everyone is friendly, very clean facility in Columbus, Ohio, and they show him lots of love.
— Jennifer
We love Kennel Club USA and so glad that we have a great place to take our dogs.  We have been coming here for many years and we think the Kennel Club staff is very friendly. Jon teaches an awesome training class. It’s a place your dogs will enjoy coming too!
— Amy
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